All of our fixtures, unless otherwise noted, can be made in brass or copper materials. Please specify.

We offer four different finishes with any brass fixture and one copper finish. Each is hand applied and treated to maintain a consistent, overall color. 

Through a series of steps, the finish process works naturally with the brass or copper materials to create the varying shades on each piece. It is a “living finish” that will change color and patina naturally in the same environment with no flaking, peeling or rusting. We do not lacquer, powder coat or paint any of our fixtures.


Onion Aging

  • antique-brass-finish.jpg Antique Brass
  • dark-brass-finish.jpg Dark Brass
  • verdi gris Verdi Gris
  • copper finish Antique Copper
  • dark antique brass Dark Antique Brass


Each onion or round onion globe is hand blown. Our optic and seedy glass globes will have slight ripple variations and/or differences in bubble count making each piece unique. Due to the particular techniques used in the art of artisan glass, pieces blown and finished by hand containing these unique attributes are typical of high quality hand blown glass. They should not be considered as a defect in the workmanship. 

Worker cutting glass

  • CSG globe Clear Seedy Globe
  • optic glass2 Clear Optic Globe
  • clr Clear Glass Globe
  • 351-CLR Nautical Clear
  • 351-CSG Nautical Clear Seedy
  • 351-FST Nautical Frosted
  • CSG3 Clear Seedy Glass
  • SMG2 Seedy Marine Glass
  • FST4 Frosted Glass
  • CLR3 Clear Glass
  • no glass Arrives standard with no glass